Eating for two!

Eating for two! We are so excited for our baby 'donut' to arrive February 2016!

Even Cowboy (our little pup) is reaping the benefits of having some extra treats around the house these days! 

We are 14 weeks today! Only 26 to go!! We can't wait to meet our little bébé!!!!

Our Wedding

My husband Patrick and I got married last summer on July 27th at Grand Targhee Resort in Alta, Wyoming. It was such a magical day and truly the best day of my life thus far.

I hear brides complain all the time about how stressful planning a wedding is and how they're "Just so over all the planning and want it to be over".

Well... I had the time of my life planning my wedding. It could be because I have an amazing mom and mother-in-law who are so crafty and helped me every step of the way, or it could be because I have amazingly talented friends who could moonlight as official wedding planners. But, honestly I think the biggest reason was because when else do you get to throw an incredible party with 120 of your closest family and friends who are there to shower you with love and well wishes?!?

It was so fun to think through every small detail. I wanted to make my wedding feel special by branding the entire weekend and putting personalized touches on everything.

It all started with the invitations. I wanted the color palette to be reminiscent of the beautiful nature that surrounds Grand Targhee. Below is what we came up with and I couldn't have been any happier! Thanks to my amazing family and husband for stuffing these bad boys for more hours than I'd like to count!

For our rehearsal dinner we did a BBQ style dinner.  For the silverware we made little personalized packets out of craft paper that we personalized with our event. We sealed each of them by sewing the edges with white thread (and by "we", I actually mean my Mom and Mother-in-Law).

UTENSIL PACKETS - For Rehearsal Dinner BBQ

We also wanted to keep all of our guests informed of the big events that would take place over the weekend so we delivered itineraries to each of their rooms. Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, and VIP (photographer, parents, etc.) got their own special itineraries since their schedules were a bit different.

Wedding Weekend Itinerary

We also delivered camping chairs to everyone's rooms with personalized name tags on them. This way, everyone could enjoy Targhee's beautiful grounds from anywhere they pleased. People loved being able to post up their chairs and relax in the midst of wildflowers and the Teton mountains.

Camping Chairs Tags - Wedding Favor

It was such an amazing weekend and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I'm so grateful to have married my best friend! I love you more than anything Patrick William! Thanks for making me the happiest girl in the world! xoxo

A Warm Cup of Cheer

This year for Christmas, we decided to give all of our friends something that would warm their hearts and bring some holiday cheer! We painted personalized mugs for each of them and then concocted a delicious hot toddy recipe to be consumed on those chilly winter nights.


-  1 part Smirnoff Carmel Vodka
-  3 parts Apple Cider
-  6 - 10 large cinnamon sticks
-  2 tbsp. of cloves

Warm up contents and enjoy!!
xoxo Em

Bachelorette Party - San Francisco

In January, I attended my amazing friend Lara's Bachelorette party in San Francisco! It was one of the most fun girls trips I've ever been on! It was such a fun group of girls and such a dreamy city to spend a Bachelorette in! We had so much fun showering our sweet friend Lara Loo in love and fun all weekend long!

Below are the itineraries I made for the event. I personalized the belly band on each one for each of the girls. When you opened it up, it was a little booklet with the right side having 3 tiers for each of the days. Lara's friend Colleen from Little Lover Events did such an incredible job planning all of the activities and events down to every detail.


We also threw Lara a lingerie shower in our rooms one of the nights. I created some tags for our champagne glasses as well as some cute signs describing what was in "The Lara" (our specialty cocktail dedicated to the bachelorette) and BOY was it delicious!!!


-  24 oz. Rum
-  2 cups Blueberries
-  2 cups Basil Leaves
-  48 oz. Lemonade
-  1 - 4 liters Chilled Seltzer

It was such an amazing weekend with wonderful friends! Cheers to our Lovely Lara Loo!!!

xoxo Em

 I've been getting a lot of messages lately requesting to see the full itinerary. So here ya go! :D

I've been getting a lot of messages lately requesting to see the full itinerary. So here ya go! :D

Golden Birthday

These invitations were designed for my husband's Golden Birthday. He turned 28 on October 28th! Everything from the invitations to the cupcakes to the decor were gold. It was such a fun night and one we'll all remember!
**P.S. Don't mind the creepy mustache. We were Jesse and Mr. White from Breaking Bad for Halloween so that explains the mustache seeing as our Halloween party was the previous night. ;)
xo Em


Golden Birthday Invitations   -   Emily Roeder Design