Bachelorette Party - San Francisco

In January, I attended my amazing friend Lara's Bachelorette party in San Francisco! It was one of the most fun girls trips I've ever been on! It was such a fun group of girls and such a dreamy city to spend a Bachelorette in! We had so much fun showering our sweet friend Lara Loo in love and fun all weekend long!

Below are the itineraries I made for the event. I personalized the belly band on each one for each of the girls. When you opened it up, it was a little booklet with the right side having 3 tiers for each of the days. Lara's friend Colleen from Little Lover Events did such an incredible job planning all of the activities and events down to every detail.


We also threw Lara a lingerie shower in our rooms one of the nights. I created some tags for our champagne glasses as well as some cute signs describing what was in "The Lara" (our specialty cocktail dedicated to the bachelorette) and BOY was it delicious!!!


-  24 oz. Rum
-  2 cups Blueberries
-  2 cups Basil Leaves
-  48 oz. Lemonade
-  1 - 4 liters Chilled Seltzer

It was such an amazing weekend with wonderful friends! Cheers to our Lovely Lara Loo!!!

xoxo Em